Covid 19: My Journey — Part 5

My parents and relatives were worried a lot about how the society will react. I came in quietly and closed the door. I was the happiest to reach home. The first thing I did was check on my beautiful plants. Nature had indeed nourished them, but some were on the verge of death. I watered them well. I looked at them and wondered, together we will heal and recover.

In the next few days, I focused on sanitizing my home, replacing the bedsheets, washing the utensils thoroughly, sanitizing everything I carried to the hospital. Aftercare is very important.

I made sure to take breaks in between the humongous tasks. The disease does take a toll on your body and makes you tired and weak frequently.

On the 9th day, my parents were back home. It will definitely take some time for all of us to come back to our normal. The BBMP SPOC promptly called us and enquired about our well being. I truly appreciate the govt and the BBMP for handling this so well.

Some pointers before I conclude this journey

1. Do not ignore a day’s fever, even though you recover with no symptoms.

2. Do not fear to get yourself tested if you feel you have been infected.

3. Trust your body and have faith in the system.

4. Earlier the detection, earlier you recover.

5. Stay in a ventilated space and avoid sharing utensils and bathroom if you feel you are sick.

Stay away from pregnant women and old people.

6. What to carry to the hospital if you test positive?

(God forbid, you don’t, but it’s always better to know, unlike us who had no idea)

Here is a list of things that I felt is required for you to carry to the hospital:

1. Clothes for a minimum of 10 days

2. Mobile phones, tab, charger, earphones

3. Books if you want to keep yourself occupied.

5. Hand wash, bath accessories.

6. Fruits, Pickle, knife, plates, and glass (any food item)

10. Any medication which you were taking before

11. Aadhaar cards, insurance cards; just in case

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Originally published at on November 7, 2020.