Covid 19: My Journey — The Finale

I received mixed reactions when I informed my situation to the extended friend circle. Some were not convinced and pushed me to go for a retest. Some criticized the doctors and hospital for covid deaths of their close friends. Some were thankful to me for sharing my experiences. Either way, I felt there is a huge lack of awareness and that’s what motivated me to write this series. Hoping that it reaches further and helps some confused soul like me on my day 1. There are definitely some pros and cons on home quarantine vs hospital. It’s up to us to weigh it out and balance it and take a judicial decision considering our well being. Also, tomorrow is the day I can officially tear out the poster stuck outside my house. There is light after all at the end of the tunnel.

P.S: Please don’t carry your work to the hospital. Leave it at home. It’s an opportunity to rejuvenate yourself. Take it gladly and go ahead.

After Care:

1. Make sure you sanitize your residence well.

2. Wash all the bedsheets and the vessels used

3. Make sure your house is well ventilated

4. Take it slow, you just recovered, so things might not turn out to be as fast as before.

5. Take brisk walks and deep breaths

6. Follow a healthy lifestyle and practice gratitude.

Nature cures it all if you let it. Stay alert, Stay Safe.