Being in Bengaluru and not experiencing traffic would be like getting a deserved hike every year, obviously, none of it is real. We, the proud owners of two-wheelers are here to share our story. We are like the water in the river, no matter how many stones block us, we still flow through the crevices. And yes, that does make the big stones a.k.a the four-wheelers to hate us more than ever. We do not stop for anybody, actually no, we do! We stop for the bright red light in the middle of a junction, our biggest enemy to be frank, and the lame cows and buffaloes who think that the roads belong to them! We also give way to ambulances by throwing ear splitting honks, also, we are the same people who follow the ambulances to get a clear way ahead.

In the most crowded roads, we find a route just for us and you will find an alternate route thanks to us. Back in the old days, cows and goats would graze through the hills and form a clear-cut path for the humans to walk. I can say we perform something like that on the busy roads of Bengaluru.

We come in all shapes and sizes, from the richest to the poor, we are preferred for quick access. We are also generous to offer lifts to stranded people who wave at us kindly. We are always in a hurry and the big ones throw dirty glances at us which we ignore bluntly! We are severely affected by the big potholes and the steep humps on the roads. We get literally thrown out and our sense of balance luckily comes to our rescue.

During rainy seasons another enemy lurks in the wet roads, yes we Skid! To speak of enemies, we have plenty actually! Be it a flat tyre or an “E” indication on the fuel tank, these can literally bring our whole day down to push it and get it right.

Apart from all these, we are also the same people who get hurt the most when an accident occurs. It is very important to drive safely and wear helmets, which applies to both the ridder and the pillion.
So, let us keep the two-wheelers balanced on our toe tips safely and experience the marvelous journey!

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