A large house with comfortable furniture, a home theater, a six seater dining table, two balconies, three bedrooms and a tiny kitchen where the coffee was brewing. The perfect view of setting sun through an elongated diwan placed at the corner of a balcony. Life sounds so safe through these materials!

The house walls were filled with pictures of kids and grandkids, their stages of growth recorded so beautiful right from their baby steps to their school uniforms! The pictures look happy with two couples smiling with their kids, the phrase “Family” inscribed on the corner! The refrigerator had too many magnets stuck, with miniature worlds in it. In the center of all the magnets lied the naughty smile of a 1-year-old! On the corner was a wooden heart stuck with a quote “I love you Mom”.

The bedrooms had neatly made beds, waiting forever! Yet, not a speck of dust was seen anywhere. The kitchen had a limited number of vessels, for the sake of just two.

The T.V had a pen drive fixed permanently with countless images and videos to flip through when the world news goes over the head. The toddlers playing around and the smiling faces through the videos brought back life in the old couple’s routine. The doors had double locks, the fear of not having the physical strength to fight or the fear due to the absence of people in the house.

The body had given up; the periodic sickening made them tired even to take a stroll outside the house. The windows were always closed to stop dust from entering! At this age, the biggest enemy was a tiny speck of dust! There were two sets of telephones, one in the hall and the other in the bedroom; they didn’t want to miss out the phone ring wherever they are. The time difference was a problem, never know when the phone will ring.

The visit abroad to their kids ‘places had made the couple tired. The daily routine was slower, yet the wait was endless for their kids and grandkids to come back and live with them again.

Originally published at anjalisn4.blogspot.com.